Kaefer Porcelain House

Join us on a visual tour of the inspirational Kaefer Porcelain House, where your dreams live. Our shop has 3 floors with over 1200 square meters and a new shop “NEW WORLD” across the street.

Porzellanhaus Kaefer

The owners, Hildgard and Margret Kaefer, visit major international fairs every year and take a lot of time to bring an unusual assortment of merchandise together. Their desire for new merchandise, understanding of price and performance, together with the feedback from employees and customers, mix well to bring together a variety of modern and traditional elements in the store.

KitchenAid Vorführung 2.,3. und 4. Juli 2015 (Donnerstag bis Samstag) und KitchenAid Sonderverkauf zum alten Preis!

Frau Bender von KitchenAid wird Ihnen die Messe-Neuheiten 2015, den KitchenAid Smoothie-Maker und KitchenAid Cook Processor live vorführen. Neben vielen leckeren Rezepten, Tipps und Tricks zeigt sie Ihnen passend zum Wetter, wie man mit der KitchenAid Eismaschine leckeres Speiseeis herstellen kann.

2015 gibt es neue Zusatzteile für Ihre KitchenAid. Wir haben Sie bereits im Hause:

Interesting and worth knowing - decorating seminars at Kaefer


Several times a year, we host decoration seminars in our store. These seminars are entertaining and give in depth information about decorating. If you ever wanted to know how to properly arrange dishes, which utensil to use for which course and which glass to use when, how to clean the quickest and most efficient way, or set the table quickly and attractively, this is the right place for you.